A small penis in the locker room? This is the reason!

a small penis after exercise is perfectly normal.

There you are in the locker room, completely exhausted after your workout. You feel your manhood and see in the mirror the best version you've ever seen of yourself. But when you look down, you see something that doesn't make you happy. The masculinity between your legs is not at its best at that moment - and yes, that is quite an understatement.

Small penis after exercise

Have you noticed that your penis is always smaller after exercise? Quite annoying of course, if you never look good at the moment you have to change in a dressing room. Fortunately, you're not alone. It is estimated that 80 percent of men suffer from this during and after exercise.

Why is it that your soldier is always at his weakest around sports? According to physician Dr. Ronald Schubert, you don't have to worry in any case and it is a completely normal phenomenon among men. "When you exercise, your body uses as much energy and blood as possible to fuel your muscles," he says. "This sends blood from your gut, organs and other places to your arms, legs, heart and lungs," says Schubert.

Instinct response

According to Schubert, the last place that needs blood at that moment is the penis. During exercise you are not concerned with reproduction, but with survival - or so your body thinks. This activates your so-called fight-or-flight response, sending blood to key body parts to increase your chances of survival. The result is that your penis gets the short end of the stick.

Looking for warmth

Also, your cold sweat covered scrotum will shrink to regulate the temperature of your cum. Close to your body it is warmer, so that the balls are pulled closer to your body when it is cold - when it is hot they will hang further away from your body. So dear gentlemen: see it rather as a sign that you have done your best. It happens to all of us.

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