Natural 'erection pills', do they really work? Tom did the test and especially Mieke was happy!

We went to our granddaughter's birthday party...

My wife (55) and I (66) have a nice and cozy life. The kids have left home and we spend more time together. We were recently asked if we wanted to test the well-known natural 'erection pills' We thought, why not?

A stronger and firmer erection

To be clear: you take a men's supplement or as we popularly say 'erection pills' such as these Male Plus capsules for a stronger and firmer erection or to get your soldier ready again after a first session. The differences with Viagra are still clearly present. For example, you can only get Viagra with a doctor's prescription (and not every man is eager to go to his doctor for Viagra) and this Male Plus is completely natural, so that any side effects are kept to a minimum.

In order to market 'erectile pills' you have to meet a lot of requirements. Something that is completely in order with these Male Plus capsules, which means that these pills are also 100% safe. The big question is of course: does it work? Expecting the same effect as Viagra may not be realistic, but we were still curious about the result. So we did the test for you.

It is important to know that the undersigned is in his 60s and cannot really speak of erection problems in his life, except perhaps after a very heavy evening or a tiring day. In itself I can't complain and actually everything still works just as well as 20 years ago with the exception that after a first session everything needs a little more time than before to be ready again.

'Steel hard according to my madame'

I was very curious about what the effect of Male Plus capsules would be. The leaflet says to take a pill with water a few hours before sex and asks to avoid alcohol. I already warned my wife to prepare for a wild evening. She didn't believe much of it, but was curious about the result. I took 1 capsule during lunch. In the evening we had our granddaughter's birthday party. We got ready in the bathroom and my wife started teasing me. I got in the shower and started laughing loudly. Apparently the shower spray did all its work. My 'Willy' became hard as steel. Like there was a lot more blood going there than usual. He became warmer and harder than usual.

My wife was as excited as I was and she joined me in the shower. We never actually do this, we looked like teenagers. When I said after a few minutes that she was a little too enthusiastic, the answer I received was: 'Not very sweetheart, I'm already curious whether your pills really work on our Willy'.

After 5 minutes ready for the 2nd round.

What followed was soon a wonderful release. It felt like my orgasm was coming from further than usual, but it could also be related to the "tricks" in the shower. Now came the exciting part, how long would it take before Willy would be ready again. Normally it takes an hour these days before I really feel like it again.

To my surprise, after some cuddling, this time I was completely ready after less than five minutes. Mieke was apparently even more surprised. We went to bed: 'the 2nd round!'. Afterwards we were able to hurry to the birthday party.

By the way, I noticed the next morning that the pills apparently still did their job very well. When I woke up, our 3rd lovemaking became a fact.

Conclusion: it really works and is definitely worth it

So I don't have any erection problems myself, so it's hard to judge whether is indeed a great help if you have trouble getting your love organ straight. However, the dozens of reviews on the internet suggest that it actually helps a large proportion of men who have such problems.

I myself noticed that my erection is really a lot harder and firmer than before. I felt better blood flow to all parts of my body. What was especially nice (and what made my wife so enthusiastic) is that after less than five minutes I was back ready for the 2nd round. Something that normally takes an hour. I had the idea that the effect of the pill continued to work for just under 24 hours after taking it.

You don't have to worry about constantly walking around with an erection with this natural pill. You really have to get in the mood first. We assume that a pill like Viagra is still a bit stronger. However, that does not alter the fact that these 'erection pills' are something you should definitely give a chance if your erection is not as great as before or just because you want to experience another very 'firm' night.

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